Black mold testing is not a just some sort of test to rob you of your hard earned money. It’s a test that is very real, and can check for the toxic mold and prevent serious health problems from occurring in you and your family.

A professional can check for mold in your home using certain tools and techniques. Hiring a professional is best when there are hidden molds or areas you cannot reach such as crawl spaces or attics. A professional will test for toxic mold in problem areas such as attics, basements, bathrooms, crawlspaces, kitchens or anywhere there is a suspected moisture problem. He or she may also do an indoor and outdoor spore count to determine if there is a high count of spores in your home.

Once samples have been taken of the suspected toxic molds, they’ll be sent to a lab for analysis and then the results will be sent to the professional. He or she will then go over those results and tell you the types of mold they found, and whether or not you’ll need to take the next step by recommending you hire a professional that specializes in mold removal.