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Mold Exposure May Cause Sneezing

Mold as an Animal It’s impossible for the human eye to distinguish among species of mold; if indoor mold can be seen growing in the open at all. Also, mold harms people in unseen ways. I believe that because of these elusive qualities, people tend to oversimplify mold and lump it and its behavior together. And when it’s oversimplified,  mold leads to misunderstandings of what it is and underestimating what it can do. The fungi kingdom is as diverse as...

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Doctors Diagnose on Mold May Complicate the Problem

I hate to come down so hard on the medical community. Medical professionals dedicate their lives to healing the sick and improving the quality of life for all of us. However, in the interest of protecting those who have had their lives turned upside down by mold, I have to give you this warning: Your doctor may not be a reliable source for information. From my observations, receiving the necessary treatment for toxic mold poisoning is a gamble. Your doctor...

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Mold Hazard: Vented Crawl Spaces?

Did you know that there are building code specifications still in practice in some areas of the US that actually encourage mold growth? It’s unfortunate, but true. These codes have to do with the false idea that crawl space air can be ventilated to keep out moisture. This flawed idea of the ventilated crawl space has to do with the simple idea that vents let air circulate and dry up, which prevents moisture from collecting in your crawl space to...

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Apartment Life Mold Litigation

I feel bad for Charmaine Green-Forde who recently experienced a terrible, but not uncommon, ordeal with mold in her apartment building. But I am doubting that she will get the $8,000 she wants from her landlords in lost clothing, and housing and medical expenses. Often, mold victims are far too optimistic about the legal system when it comes to mold. We look to the courts to help us fight for fairness. But after legal costs, arguments, and lawyers, we usually...

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