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Mold in Schools

It seems like every day a new school is in the news because teachers, students, and parents are up in arms about mold making everyone in the building sick. I couldn’t possibly report about each of these stories, and if I did it would become redundant since they are all so much alike. Moldy schools have become a nationwide epidemic. But why is it that mold is so commonly found in schools? Let’s take a look at a few of...

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Negligence is the Best Nourishment for Mold

What is the best mold food? Wood, dry wall, insulation, brick? Nope, nothing makes mold grow faster than simple human neglect. The kind that is easily preventable. Every mold disaster may have started with just a minor leak, but a lot of neglect is what caused a lot of mold. In most cases, it’s entirely preventable. Take for example a rented home in Lee County that was recently ruined because of mold. After the renters abruptly moved out, vandals struck...

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Mold 101

When dealing with mold particles and indoor moisture, the goal is to eliminate them by physically moving these things out of your house. The normal circulation of a building that breathes fresh air into a building and expels used air can only do so much – sometimes it needs a little help. That’s why we have a few tools that can assist. HEPA Filters – HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air, and HEPA filters are made to trap really...

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Mold Remediation Method: Fire

Does your home have a serious mold infestation, but you can’t afford the high costs of professional mold removal? Well, the Ypsilanti Township has an affordable solution that will get rid of the mold in your home for good – burn it down with fire. That’s right, for the cost of a book of matches, you can have a mold removal solution that is, at the very least, cheap and effective. Fire is a natural killer of mold, just like...

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