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Cities have their own distinct microbial communities

[caption id="attachment_561" align="alignright" width="300"] Toronto skyline[/caption] Toronto was one of three cities studied. The Flagstaff offices had richer microbial communities than those in San Diego or Toronto, which were more similar to each other, though researchers said it's unclear why Cities have their own distinct microbial communities but these communities don't vary much between offices located in the same city, according to a new study. The work, published this week in mSystems, an open access journal from the American Society for...

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Spring time in Michigan!!

Time to check that attic. [caption id="attachment_548" align="alignright" width="300"] Spring time in Michigan!![/caption] An out of sight out of mind attitude ends up costing Michigan homeowners when it comes to mold in attics. If you haven't looked in your attic for mold or condensation on the surfaces it's time to take a look. The time to find out you have a problem is not when the homes on the market and a potential buyers inspector finds it. Take a look...

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Michigan Roofer/Mold Remediator ?

[caption id="attachment_541" align="alignright" width="300"] Unqualified contractor can be devastating.[/caption] The results of hiring an unqualified contractor can be devastating. Here is an example: A roofing contractor claimed to be a mold remediation contractor. He removed the roof decking and replaced it with new painting over framing (and mold) in the attic space. What you see in the photo is the result of 1 years time. The contractor did not bother to assess of correct the ventilation issues (cause) And painting over...

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Cookie Cutter Solutions

Michigan has no regulations for mold testing and remediation. Because mold problems are caused by moisture contact on susceptible surfaces the extent of damage and related effects to the occupants vary greatly. Do not fall victim to a company that's focus is to use scare tactics and blanket claims to get into your home for a sales pitch. Mold Remediation has no cookie cutter solutions. A mold remediation contractor must have experience in dealing with your particular problem. Our advice is...

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Avoid Scare Tactics in the Mold Industry

[caption id="attachment_482" align="alignright" width="251"] Image result for mold scare[/caption] Unfortunately, there are a lot of “Scare Tactics” used within the microbial investigation and mold remediation industry. As with any industry, there are always going to be people out there who try and scare people into using their services. They may do so by embellishing facts, giving misinformation or by simply telling you things that are completely untrue. I want to give you, the consumer, a couple tips for what to...

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Cosmetic Mold

[caption id="attachment_478" align="alignnone" width="300"] http://www.snopes.com/medical/toxins/lipbalmmold.asp[/caption] Growing consumer demand for products labeled all-natural or organic isn't restricted to just the food we eat; a number of cosmetic and personal grooming products are marketed in the same manner. One item that falls into the latter category is a mass-market lip balm (eos) that is widely available, affordable, and attractively packed, making it a popular choice among consumers interested in preservative-free products. But many ingredients with intimidating, chemically-sounding names serve a relatively important function for...

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Louisiana Home Inspectors

Must Report on Mold Louisiana Home Inspectors: A new law in Louisiana will require home inspectors for real estate transactions to inspect for mold and to include their findings in an inspection report. Gov. Bobby Jindal signed the bill into law June 10. The bill (SB 66) changes the state’s minimum standards of practice for home inspectors to include the requirement that “a licensed home inspector shall include, in his written report, the presence of suspected mold growth, if during...

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New Jersey Gov. Christie Vetoes Mold Bill

[caption id="attachment_434" align="alignright" width="200"] New Jersey Gov. Christie[/caption] On the last day of the New Jersey legislative session, Governor Chris Christie (R) blocked legislation that would have established standards for the inspection and cleanup of mold in residential buildings and school facilities. The measure would also have established a certification program for mold abatement and inspection workers. State Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D) told reporters he was “surprised and somewhat shocked” by the governor’s action. Sweeney called the mold bill...

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Mold in the Bible

It would be fair to say that molds have been around since the beginning of time, and have always posed a serious threat to human living. The Bible even references mold and its remediation - "The LORD said to Moses and Aaron ... I put a spreading mildew in a house in that land (Canaan). ... The priest is to order the house to be emptied before he goes in to examine the mildew, so that nothing in the house...

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