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Your HVAC system and Mold Growth

A properly functioning HVAC may be one of the best ways to prevent mold growth in your home or office. But because of the air distribution system of an HVAC, a malfunctioning system may be the perfect vehicle to spread mold spores throughout the building. Often, the difference between the two comes down to a small detail – which is why HVAC requires proper design, assessment, and maintenance to keep it preventing – not exacerbating – mold growth. While there...

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Attic Ventilation

Home design is much more complex than I ever realized. You can’t just throw up four walls, slap on a roof, and call it done. Homes need to breathe, and breathe correctly. Pressures, temperatures, conductivity, and other physics principles play a role in how it all works. Proper home designs turn homes into a system with features that work together to keep the home stable against the natural elements. If any one of these parts becomes out of whack, it...

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