Does your home have a serious mold infestation, but you can’t afford the high costs of professional mold removal? Well, the Ypsilanti Township has an affordable solution that will get rid of the mold in your home for good – burn it down with fire.

That’s right, for the cost of a book of matches, you can have a mold removal solution that is, at the very least, cheap and effective. Fire is a natural killer of mold, just like it’s a killer to any other living organism, and burning your house down is guaranteed to get rid of mold and keep it from ever coming back. Soon, Ypsilanti firefighters will burn down a vacant house on Verna Avenue in Ann Arbor, Michigan that has become infested with toxic mold.

Burning down the house was chosen as the most viable method of remediation since cleaning the house would be well beyond the cost of the home and demolition would be costly and release unsafe levels of mold spores into the air where they could settle on nearby houses. That’s right, now demolition isn’t even a final solution when it comes to mold. Houses must be burned to the ground so that all of the mold dies with the house.

Presently, the lower part of the home is boarded up, and the top is encapsulated in a type of insulation to keep the mold inside. But soon it will all be ashes. At least this story isn’t too tragic for the occupants of the doomed home. No one has legally lived in the house since its last occupant died four years ago. The heir is cooperating with the township to get rid of the house