The struggling economy and weak housing market has led to an explosion in both foreclosed homes and the mold population. Banks and other lien holders have hired management companies to clean and lock their investments up tight. But, in doing so, they have inadvertently caused unimaginable damage. Most people assume that if the house water supply is shut off then the mold problem is circumvented. Nothing could be further than the truth. Dampness and moisture are a concern but the bigger culprit is ventilation. A house needs to breathe. Every home has moisture in the air naturally and, once a house is shut tightly, the mold can grow. In fact, more than half the foreclosed homes on the market today have mold damage. The numbers are only expected to increase. Depending on which reports you read and what market you are referring to, there is a 6 month to 24 month supply of homes for sale. Many of those are foreclosed and locked up tight with little ventilation – a perfect breeding ground.