Mold is a fact of life. It is all around us daily in the form of spores. But when conditions are right, when a home gets too humid for too long, mold can start to grow. When it does, removal is the only answer. “There are mold spores everywhere,” says Jim Echols, senior analyst at Springfield Indoor Air Quality, who has helped homeowners identify mold problems for 15 years. “… Most of the time, those mold spores don’t grow inside the home. They just come in with airflow patterns, they come in on your clothes, your hair, the bottom of your shoes … and they just stay there and don’t do anything.”

Old High School can be cleaned of mold
There was much applause at the Washington County School Board meeting Tuesday at Roulhac Middle School when it was reported that mold levels in Spanish Trail Playhouse were acceptable. Paul Zak, director of GLE’s Graceville office, told the school board that mold levels in the auditorium were minimal and said the inspection report’s findings for the whole building were that the site could be cleared of mold with some professional cleaning.

OPP mold removal to cost $11,000
Mould found inside the Orillia OPP detachment should be removed within two weeks, says the city’s property manager. “We’ve done the tender process. We have contractors in place. They’re just going through the OPP security process right now,” Ted Hill said Monday. In May, an employee in the Peter Street South detachment noticed black particles falling from the duct work and landing on her desk.

Black mold causes Kennett office to relocate
Employees who work in county offices on Main Street in Kennett must relocate due to black mold. The building houses the public defenders office and juvenile offices. Employees got concerned in June because of some leaks. Test results came back positive in early July. Commissioner Don Collins says they felt moving was the only decision since black mold can cause health concerns and can cost a lot of money to remove.