If you can’t seem to get that musty smell out of your home, mold and fungus in old carpet and rugs may be to blame. Fungus and old can develop under rugs that are exposed to water–bathroom rugs, for example, can be a hotbed for mold–as well as in dry areas that aren’t cleaned regularly. Shampooing and steam-cleaning the carpets alone won’t kill off mold; when carpets are still damp, mold colonies can redevelop fairly quickly. You may need to get some help from local mold remediation service providers if this has been a problem for many years. Keep your carpets fungus-free by steam-cleaning with a vinegar, alcohol, and cleaning solution mixed with warm water regularly. Also make sure to keep all areas under rugs as dry as possible and vacuum both on top of and under rugs to get rid of any mold spores.