I hate to come down so hard on the medical community. Medical professionals dedicate their lives to healing the sick and improving the quality of life for all of us. However, in the interest of protecting those who have had their lives turned upside down by mold, I have to give you this warning: Your doctor may not be a reliable source for information. From my observations, receiving the necessary treatment for toxic mold poisoning is a gamble. Your doctor may be able to correctly diagnose your symptoms right away and put you on the road to recovery. But other times, a doctor may complicate the problem, allowing your symptoms to worsen for years until a full recovery is a faint possibility.

There are still many doctors who either don’t believe or have no idea that mycotoxicosis is real. This lack of knowledge is very dangerous.

I bring this up because of stories like Jennifer Parker, who went from doctor to doctor for years trying to find a diagnosis and cure for her mysterious illnesses. Even then, it took an “immune and toxic disorder specialist” to correctly diagnose her. If Dan Pauluk’s first doctor was as knowledgeable about mold as Dr. Singh, would he still be alive today?

Karen Noseff who managed to recover from toxic mold exposure owes her recovery to self-education rather than traditional doctors, “Don’t go to traditional doctors—they cannot and will not help you. Read books and educate yourself. You can self treat a lot of the problems.” Under-informed doctors not only allow the problem to worsen by not immediately identifying the problem, allowing the exposure to continue, but they can even make the problems worse by misdiagnosing and mistreating the illness. I previously wrote about how doctors will misdiagnose a mold infection as a bacterial infection and treat it with antibiotics. But the bacteria in your body are actually necessary to fight off fungal infections. This is like trying to put out a fire with a flamethrower.

It’s alarming that so many people have to lose their health and even their lives due to a simple lack of awareness. Currently, mold’s greatest strength is this lack of education. If you are reading this right now, then you have already taken steps to educate yourself. I recommend browsing through are archives to learn truths about mold that your doctor may not know about. When it comes to mold, you can’t rely on others; take the time to educate yourself.