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Michigan Roofer/Mold Remediator ?

[caption id="attachment_541" align="alignright" width="300"] Unqualified contractor can be devastating.[/caption] The results of hiring an unqualified contractor can be devastating. Here is an example: A roofing contractor claimed to be a mold remediation contractor. He removed the roof decking and replaced it with new painting over framing (and mold) in the attic space. What you see in the photo is the result of 1 years time. The contractor did not bother to assess of correct the ventilation issues (cause) And painting over...

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Michigan Mold Questions: Answered

Common Mold (Non-Toxic) The black mold that you may see growing on grouting and walls of showers and bathtubs is unlikely to be dangerous. The most common mold is Cladosporium. Although it can be an irritant to those with asthma or respiratory disease, it is not known to pose any toxic hazard. It can be removed with various household cleaners. The most effective way to prevent it is by providing adequate ventilation. Vent fans should be installed in all areas...

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