So you’ve decided to hire a mold removal company to come in and finally get rid of all that mold that is making building occupants sick and possibly becoming a liability. Good for you. Now, when deciding on a mold remediator, your biggest issue is understandably money. But choosing a mold removal company that offers the lowest price isn’t always the best way to save money on mold remediation.

Here are five factors you should always consider when shopping for the best deal in mold removal:

Price – Yes, we all want to save money and everyone loves a deal. But you have to remember that price isn’t the only consideration with mold removal. After all, what good is a low price if the job is poor and ineffective?

Time– Time is money; so this should be a consideration when using a mold remediator. Some removal methods will require weeks of visits and revisits before all the mold is cleaned up. If you run a business, how will this loss of productivity affect you? A long, drawn out removal process could keep kids out of school or force a family to move out of their home for an unnecessary duration of time. There are some methods that are efficient enough to remove mold in a day or two. Bioremediation doesn’t even require building occupants to leave during the cleaning.

Deconstruction – Mold grows in unseen places and requires a fair bit of deconstruction to access and remove it – pulling up carpets, breaking into wall cavities, removing tiles, etc. The repairs can be time consuming and costly. However, the amount of deconstruction required varies, depending on the removal method you go with.

Safety – The use of chemicals can be just as dangerous to human health as the mold itself, if not more. Over-exposure to chemicals can cause MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) – a permanent condition. Methods like ozone emitters also create pollutants that are bad for the environment.

Guarantee – The cheapest, fastest, safest mold remediation methods in the world are useless if they do not succeed in removing all the mold. What good is saving money on mold removal if the mold just grows right back? Mold removal experts can say their methods are effective but you can only trust those who put their money where their mouth is and offer lifetime guarantees on their work.