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Have you established
that you have a mold problem?

Have you identified a mold source or had an inspection identifying one?

We can develop and implement a site specific plan to safely remediate mold contamination and restore your IAQ.

Are you uncertain
if you have a mold problem?

Are there indications such as a musty smell?
A history of water damage?
Physical symptoms you feel may be related to your IAQ?

We can direct you to a qualified IAQ professional in your area that can answer all your questions.

We are Qualified


Mold is not a sideline, mold is all we do. All projects are conducted in accordance with accepted EPA, AIHA, ASHRAE, NIOSH, NYC and OSHA guidelines and recommendations regarding indoor air quality.


Constantly evolving with the field through continued research and development has provided us with state-of-the-art procedures, equipment, and materials and our clients with the knowledge that their project is performed to the highest standards.


Our focus is to educate each client prior to any action. We have maintained a 100% client satisfaction rating and an excellent reputation among architects, builders, consultants, insurance adjusters, realtors, and governmental agencies. Our attention to detail and communication has earned hundreds of references from completed projects.