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Contacting a Mold Removal Company

There are con artists in every business imaginable, including mold removal. If you research online, you will find horror stories from families conned into paying for unprofessional removal services. You can avoid becoming a statistic by doing your research first. The best place to start is by asking for personal referrals. Ask among friends, family and coworkers. They might have experience with a particular company. The people you ask might even know other people with personal experiences. This is the...

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Understanding the Dangers of Toxic Mold

What Is Toxic Mold? Stachybotrys is a greenish-black mold that is often known as toxic mold, or black mold. This type of mold is often more dangerous than other white molds, such as food mold. Highly dangerous toxins are released into the air by Stachybotrys, and breathing anywhere around the infestation of mold can cause serious health risks. There are also other dangers of living with this toxic mold, including damage to the home that can be costly to its...

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Dangerous Mold | Who is at Risk?

How Do You Know if You’re At Risk? If you suffer from allergies, you are probably aware of exactly what will trigger an attack. You work very hard to avoid these allergens mainly because you want to save yourself the discomfort and health complications associated with it. However prudent they are with avoiding the things that cause their allergy attacks, not everyone who has allergies is aware of all their triggers. The same is true of people who aren’t even...

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Mold Inspectors and What You Should Know

Experiencing a natural disaster can be devastating when a home or business is involved. Take for example hurricane Katrina that left many victims without homes and businesses in the state of Louisiana. None of us are ever really prepared for the force of Mother Nature even when a home or business is lucky enough to be saved. In fact, many homeowners may find themselves left with mold and wondering where to go next. Do you flip through the yellow pages...

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What Every Parent Should Know About Mold

If you have children, then you should know that they are more susceptible to the health effects of mold because of their developing immune systems. Unfortunately, I still feel like there is a lack of information (or worse, disinformation) that is preventing parents from taking appropriate action. Q. How do I know if my child is sick from mold? A. Kids frequently get sick and can easily catch to many illnesses. Mold has many symptoms and can disguise itself as...

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Mold Remediator

Are you a homeowner or business owner with a serious mold problem? If so, would you like some professional help? Fill out our form and request a remediation estimate. Mold Removal Services – How to Choose a Mold Remediator Finding that you have mold in your house can be very stressful, for a couple of reasons. The danger to your health can be significant, and the cost to have it removed can also be a serious issue. If you only...

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Mold Scam: Beware the Coupon

While I truly believe in reputable mold remediation companies and qualified mold removal specialists. I can’t deny that there are many fraudulent and shady so-called mold-removers out there. They use a number of tactics. Here is a recent one that was just warned about by the Better Business Bureau in Northern California. They start by using direct mail to advertise duct cleaning services at outrageously low costs, usually between $45 and $80. This is too cheap for any kind of...

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Tax Deductible Mold

Here is a helpful bit of advice for those struggling with the cost of mold remediation. Mold and taxes are both inevitabilities in life, but did you know that mold removal and repair is a tax deductible business expense for landlords and homeowners? It’s been true since about 2006 when the IRS issued a private letter ruling that mold removal costs by a building owner, including both homeowners and landlords, was not a capital expenses, but a business expense that...

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